Life’s Lessons in Personal Finance – Financial Literacy Program was developed by a team of 7 individuals that have a diverse background and includes a CEO of small company, a College Instructor, a Grade School Teacher, a Banking Executive, a Sales Associate, a Carpenter, and a Nurse. Further, we have interviewed students, young adults and senior citizens to learn about their real life experiences. They have different income levels and real life experiences all of which have been drawn upon to develop a comprehensive program.


The primary reason for this program is based on financial struggles endured by one of our team members and their desire to find the root cause of the problem and to help others avoid the mistakes that led up to their financial woes. From our research we have determined that the reason they have experienced financial hardship was that they did not fully understanding all of the intricacies of using credit and the impact it can have on their finances. Further, we determined that many of these credit decisions started at the young age of 18 when credit truly became available to them.



In looking at our past experiences, in addition to many of the stories from the folks we had the opportunity to interview, we have determined that there are 7 topics that will be useful as a student continues through school and moves on to a career and eventually family/adult life.



In this program, we cover these 7 topics and provide real life examples of why you should pay attention to the information in this program. These 7 essential topics are…


  1. Understanding your credit report, credit scores and its importance (It will affect your cash flow every month for the rest of your life)
  2. Understanding credit and the cost of money, including opportunity cost
  3. Understanding credit cards and how to use them properly
  4. Understanding student loan options and the impact they will have on your finances now and in the future
  5. Understanding the POWER of COMPOUND INTEREST and the different retirement and investment vehicles available to you
  6. Understanding how to structure and follow a budget, and avoid costly bank fees
  7. Basics of renting v. buying and buying large ticket items

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