Life’s Lessons in Personal Finance

LLIPF is a short and easy to understand financial literacy program specifically designed for high school and college students. The program uses real life examples from the team members that developed the program and covers 7 key topics…

  1. Understanding your Credit Report and Credit Score
  2. Types of Credit Available and the True Cost of Credit
  3. Terms of Credit Cards and When to Use Them
  4. Student Loan Options and Their Impact on your Finances
  5. Power of Compound Interest and Saving
  6. How to Structure and Follow a Budget
  7. Basics of Renting v. Buying and Purchasing Large Ticket Items

The program includes an electronic copy of the text, electronic copy of the PowerPoint for each chapter, a video lecture for each chapter, a tutorial on how to use the budgeting tool and an electronic copy of the budgeting tool. The cost of the program is $59 and discounts are available if your school is a partner and provided you with a school code.


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